• National Academy of Arbitrators
  • American Arbitration Association
  • Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (#3216)


  • Juris Doctor, Salmon P. Chase College of Law
  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
  • Bachelor of Arts, Business Marketing


  • Supreme Court of Ohio, Supreme Court of Kentucky, Supreme Court of United States,
  • Numerous Federal Courts of Appeal,
  • United States Patent and Trademark Office.



Labor Tribunal Administrator, American Arbitration Association.

Trained with Charles Mullin, Jr., and Carl Stoltenberg, both from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania



Airlines, Aluminum, Automotive, Bakery, Beverage, Building Products, Brewery, Broadcasting, Canning, Cement, Chemicals, Coal, Communications, Construction, Dairy, Distillery, Education, Electrical Equipment/Appliances, Electronics, Entertainment/Arts, Food, Foundry, Glass/Pottery, Health Care,  Hotels/Motels/Casinos/Resorts, Hospital/Nursing Home, Iron, Lumber, Machinery, Metal Fabrication, Mining, Nuclear Energy, Office Workers/Clerical, Organizations, Packaging, Paint & Varnish, Petroleum/Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics, Plumbing, Police and Fire, Printing and Publishing, Prison Guard, Pulp and Paper, Railroads, Real Estate, Refrigeration/HVAC, Restaurants, Retail Stores, Rubber/Tire, Sports, Steel, Stone/Quarry, Textile, Tobacco, Transportation, Trucking and Storage, Upholstering, Utilities, Warehousing.



Affirmative Action, Absenteeism, Arbitrability, Bargaining Unit Work, Conduct, Demotion, Discipline (Non-Discharge), Discipline (Discharge), Discrimination:  Age, Disability, Race, Sex, Religion, National Origin, Drug/Alcohol Offenses, Fringe Benefits:  Bonus, Holidays, Insurance, Leave, Vacation, Grievance Mediation, Health/Hospitalization, Hiring Practices, Job Performance, Job Posting/Bidding, Jurisdictional Disputes, Layoffs/Bumping/Recall, Management Rights, Official Time, Past Practices, Pension and Welfare Plans, Pension Claim (Fed. Statute), Promotion, Retirement, Safety/Health Conditions, Seniority, Sexual Harassment, Strikes, Lockouts, Work Stoppages, Slowdowns, Subcontracting/Contracting Out, Tenure/Reappointment, Union Security, Wages:  Cost-of-Living Pay, Holiday Pay, Incentive Pay, Job Classification and Rates, Merit Pay, Overtime Pay, Severance Pay, Vacation Pay, Work Hours/Schedules/Assignments, Working Conditions/Work Orders, Violence or Threats.


Very numerous.  Examples include AK Steel/Armco Employees; Cinergy/IBEW; Cleveland Electric Illuminating/UWUA; City of Hamilton/IUOE, Local 20; City of Cincinnati/AFSCME, Ohio Council 8; City of Columbus, Ohio/FOP/OLC, Inc.; Franklin County DHS/OCSEA/AFSCME Lcoal 11; Plainville Concrete/ IBT Local 100; Ohio Office of Collective Bargaining/ FOP/OLC, Inc.; Cinery/UWUA; Five Rivers Electric/IUOE; Cintas/IUOE; Caterpillar/UAW.


  • Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service
  • American Arbitration Association

 PUBLISHED CASES: Too numerous to list.


 PER DIEM FEE:  $2,000.00  

CANCELLATION FEE:  If canceled within twenty one (21) workingdays of scheduled hearing a one (1) day per diem will be charged.

Typical case fees include $0.80/miles for mileage/travel time if more than four (4) hours from Cincinnati, office; all expenses from Cincinnati, Office; and normal $75.00 administrative fee for decisions rendered.  No fees if scheduled hearing is canceled outside of time limits.